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About Ninety North

John and Lynda van Niekerk moved to this property in 1975 where, with a full acre of land, they transformed the original little cottage into a large family home.

In 2003, the land was subdivided and the end of 2005 saw the first villa completed, with the second house completed about 6 months later.

It seemed natural to run these villas as guest houses, as always having had people to stay with them, the family had perfected the art of making people feel right at home!

John and Lynda’s son Brendan also owner and director, helps host guests at Ninety North but in 2014 decided to keep his own house for himself. So the guest house now runs with 4 ensuite bedrooms and a studio apartment.

The “butler”, Jabu (have a happy time) is from West Africa and lends a silent hand to offer guests some fresh fruit.


The van Niekerk family are avid nature lovers and have implemented a recycling programme for Ninety North. Using the Earth Probiotic food waste system utilising Bokashi wheat, all food waste both cooked and raw, is broken down naturally for garden fertilizer. No more smelly dustbins and fly problems for Ninety North! And welcome to all the natural earthworms that come into the garden, rich fertilizing liquid to feed the plants and compost to feed the earth.

All other waste like packaging made of plastic, glass and paper is collected for recycling. Our cleaning materials, where possible, are natural and/or safe for the environment.

Lynda and John van Niekerk
Brendan Van Niekerk

Guest House in Randburg, Johannesburg North