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Exclusive dinner parties

The first of our exclusive dinner parties will take place over the Valentine’s weekend 2021.  This one is for just four couples, and if weather permits, in secret places in the garden. Our menu for this is: Smoked salmon on a rosti with creme fraiche, avocado and dill followed by Slow roasted lamb shank on […]

Staying healthy and your travel plans

The world has been gripped, over decades and even centuries, with devastating plagues, bacteria and viruses – some of which changed entire social systems. The black plague, from which millions of people died in the 1500 and 1600’s, left serfs in such short supply that the remaining farm workers and journeymen demanded wages for their […]

Essentials to pack for a business trip

What should business people think about taking with them on business trips that they might not normally think about? If you travel a lot, speak to business professionals and network with customers and industry peers, and especially when travelling internationally, there are some important business things to add to your packing list. First, a few […]

Venue choice and your options

When Aunty May wants to make your wedding cake, plus your favourite Uncle Mario is a chef of note and you want him to cater for your wedding day, then choosing a venue with flexibility of suppliers will be imperative for you.  Many venues employ quality chefs and insist that only they can undertake the […]

Your wedding and the venue you choose

One of the most memorable days in every person’s life is their wedding day and many brides-to-be have gathered pictures for years of how they want their day to look and feel. This probably includes the dress, bouquet and decor, as well as pictures of pretty chapels, churches or even cathedrals and castles! Then, when […]

How And What To Pack For a Business Or Leisure Trip

How And What To Pack For a Business Or Leisure Trip

Packing your luggage for a holiday or a business trip can be very frustrating and confusing at the best of times. Trying to anticipate the weather and activities ahead, while being conscious of not taking too much with you is not easy. Add to this the complications of travelling abroad and it is easy to […]

Nearby Attractions

Nearby Attractions

Within 10km´s of Ninety North Guest House Virgin Active Gymnasium and Spa Randburg, Cresta, Northgate and Sandton cbd´s and shopping centres Italian, Thai and Portuguese restaurants, as well as good South African steak houses McDonalds, KFC, Nando´s take–aways Bryanston Country Club and golf course Sandton and Olivedale private hospitals Brightwater Commons, shops, flea market, cinemas […]