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When Aunty May wants to make your wedding cake, plus your favourite Uncle Mario is a chef of note and you want him to cater for your wedding day, then choosing a venue with flexibility of suppliers will be imperative for you.  Many venues employ quality chefs and insist that only they can undertake the food for you. This is understandable, of course, as they have major overheads as well as a foodie reputation to uphold. (Imagine if one of your guests reviews Uncle Mario’s offerings poorly on the venue’s social media pages!)

Other venues insist on you selecting their preferred suppliers, whether it be photographer, caterer, florist or wedding planner.

It may be that you would just like a choice of great caterers that you can compare food and prices against and then choose which one you like the best.

Every which way, having the choice of using a venue with its fixed suppliers, or a venue that gives you alternative choices, is something to consider carefully.