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One of the most memorable days in every person’s life is their wedding day and many brides-to-be have gathered pictures for years of how they want their day to look and feel. This probably includes the dress, bouquet and decor, as well as pictures of pretty chapels, churches or even cathedrals and castles!

Then, when the date is set, the search for a suitable venue begins in earnest. Out in a country setting, in the bush at a game reserve, in the local country club, church hall or specialised venue with its own chapel, a small event in a restaurant or even on the beach all possibilities have to be considered.

This choice will come down to the most favourite style that will suit everyone’s personality and taste – and might even see the bride and groom clashing over the local rugby club versus a country mansion.  But once options are narrowed down, one of the most important things to ask is “is the reception space the right size?”

Having an intimate wedding for 30 people in a cavernous room more suited to a 130, would feel lost and cold. Squeezing 50 people into a small venue would be equally as uncomfortable as guests trip over each other squeezing in and out.   So be it formal or casual, a garden wedding with canapes, or a glass house with a plated menu, an old historic mansion, country hotel, or a game reserve with a Bedouin tent – do make sure that the space you choose is the best fit for the size of your wedding.  And then all the other things like the decor and flowers can be made to best fit your personality and style ideas.